The Sense-Maker Workshop is a new venue to meet, discuss and exchange ideas with fellow thinkers and to meet your internet friends in real life.

It's a week long pop-up event with timetabled events as well as a hangout space. Access is via private membership only, like a co-working space.


The Sense-Maker Workshop is a private meetup space designed especially for thinkers, sense makers, intellectual explorers and anyone interested in discussion, the meaning of life, or trying to make sense of the world. You do not have to be a 'philosopher' to attend, just someone who takes an interest in discussing ideas.

The Workshop is a meeting place for discussion and thoughtful exploration. There will be sofas and chairs and the staff will introduce people to each other. There will be gentle mechanisms in place, such as a daily discussion topic, to encourage members to talk to each other.

It's not mandatory to always be talking, though! As a private members-only space, members are welcome to use the venue as a place to read, work, take lunch or have a coffee anytime during opening hours.

For a more detailed description of the vibe and inspiration for the space see this blog post on Theory Engine.

Contact us

The first space was held for a week in January 2020.

If you'd like to get in touch with ideas for the space next time around we would love to hear from you!

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If you attended in January, click here to leave feedback.

Archive Timetable Jan 2020

Friday Night Special Event

NotRivalVoices with Jessica

@nosilverv in conversation with our organiser @ssica3003.

Friday 17th January 7pm-9pm

Free drinks & nibbles

Free to members, non-member price: £15

Buy ticket here

Here's the blog for NotRivalVoices:


Organiser Welcome

The workshop is operated by Jessica, @ssica3003 author of Theory Engine.

Jessica will be in the space most days, and run an opening discussion on Monday at 6pm.

Free to members, day ticket £10


Talk - Intellectual Authority

Samo Burja

6pm-7pm: How Intellectual Authority is built and dissolved as a social phenomena - talk and Q&A

3pm-6pm: Samo will be in at the workshop for general discussion.

From @SamoBurja's about me page:

"I research how civilizations function. There has never been an immortal society. Regardless of how technologically advanced our own society is, it is unlikely to be an exception. To secure a positive common future that defies these odds, we must understand the hidden forces that shape society."

Free to members, day ticket £10


Resident Thinker

David MacIver

@DRMacIver's blog can be found here

David will be joining us on Thursday afternoon 3pm - 7pm.

Free to members, day ticket £10


Resident Thinker

Lucy Keer

Lucy goes by @drossbucket on Twitter and is author of Drossbucket.

Lucy will be resident on Friday afternoon 2pm - 6pm

Free to members, day ticket £10



Friday speakers + guests

On Saturday many of our guest speakers will still be available in London and we predict we will have plenty of members visiting the space on Saturday. If so we will gather and organise an un-conference (an event where the participants both select and provide the content of the conference) starting at noon.

Saturday Noon - 7pm.


Discussion Group

London Rationalish

London Rationalish on Reddit.

London Rationalish on Facebook.

Sunday 2pm - 7pm.

Archive Timetable Jan 2020

Open daily 11am - 7pm, plus these special events

Monday 13th Jan

2pm Opening time

6pm Opening chat with @ssica3003

Tuesday 14th Jan

Wednesday 15th Jan

3pm-7pm Resident thinker @SamoBurja

Thursday 16th Jan

3pm-7pm Resident thinker @DRMacIver

Friday 17th Jan

3pm-6pm Resident thinker @drossbucket

7pm-9pm Main event @nosilverv with @ssica3003

Saturday 18th Jan

12pm-7pm Unconference

Sunday 19th Jan

2pm - 7pm London Rationalish Meetup